The Netherlands registers its first consumer-oriented cryptomoney exchange since the implementation of the AMLD5

Everyday investors in the Netherlands can now invest in crypto-currencies, thanks to the new company registration.

The BLOX cryptomoney exchange was given the go-ahead to trade in the Netherlands, becoming the first platform to do so since the country implemented the European Union’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, or AMLD5.

“BLOX is the first consumer-focused crypto-currency company to be included in the Dutch Central Bank’s register,” the company said in an announcement on its blog today. “This registration is mandatory in the Netherlands for all companies that allow their users to buy, sell, trade and hold crypto coins.

The Netherlands-based crypto coin service provider, AMDAX BV, made headlines in October as the inaugural company of its kind in the newly regulated region. AMDAX, however, is focused on larger investors. “AMDAX supports both corporate and private investors with a portfolio, starting with 2.5 Bitcoin investments, cryptomoney trading, secure storage and insured custody,” said an October statement from AMDAX on Finextra.

Visible on a list of approved cryptomoney service providers, Blox BV is now promoting the registration of De Nederlandsche Bank NV, the central bank of the Netherlands. The currency exchange, Anycoin Direct, was also registered today.

“BLOX allows consumers to invest in their favourite digital currency for as little as 1 euro,” explains the company’s blog post. “Therefore, the approval of the Dutch Central Bank means that cryptomints will continue to be widely accessible to the general public”.

Unlike the three recently approved entities, the Deribit digital asset derivatives exchange left the Netherlands in January 2020 to avoid the new regulations.