MakerDAO to Invest $1.25B in US Treasury Bonds: Will MKR Token Hold Gains?

• MakerDAO is considering increasing its investment in US Treasury bonds from $500 million to $1.25 billion.
• The new proposal involves a 6-month rollover scheme every two weeks and aims to take advantage of the current yield environment.
• Maker’s 24-hour chart performance shows it struggling to recover amid the announcement of its new investment strategy.

MakerDAO Increases Investment in US Treasury Bonds

MakerDAO has proposed increasing their current allocation of $500 million invested in United States Treasury bonds to a potential total of $1.25 billion. This increase would allow MakerDAO to take advantage of the current yield environment, as stated by a new active proposal made public on March 6th. The changes proposed involve implementing a six-month scheme using the U.S. Treasury ladder that includes rollovers every two weeks, which accounts for over 50% of MakerDAO’s yearly revenue.

MKR Token Performance

The announcement of this new investment strategy has affected MKR token performance, with the asset currently trading at $904.07 and within an uncertain zone as it struggles to consolidate a bullish trend. During the past 24 hours, MKR’s price came down to $860 before showing some slight support, however it is still 0.05% down from its previous 24-hour price after registering only a short recovery run amid the downward trend earlier in the day – showing a competition between bulls and bears for market control as trading volume increased by 15%.

Other Recent Changes By MakerDao

Besides this investing technique, other high profile actions have been taken by MakerDao recently including a plan allowing holders of MKR tokens to borrow DAI and MIP65 portfolio being comprised of iShares $Treasury Bond 0-1 yr UCITS ETF (market cap worth $351.4 million) and iShares 1-3 yr UCITS ETF (market value worth 1506 million).

Potential Impacts Of New Proposal

It remains unclear how exactly this new proposal will affect both MKR token holders and those who invest into U.S treasury bonds through MakerDao but investors can expect more announcements from them soon about any potential impacts or changes due to this new proposal in order for them to make more informed decisions about their investments moving forward .


In conclusion, MakerDao is proposing an increase in their investment into US Treasury bonds from 500 Million dollars up to 1 Billion 250 Million dollars through implementing a 6 month rolling scheme every two weeks; while MKR token holders are seeing some difficulty in recovering amid this announcement due mainly because of uncertainty caused by lack of information on potential impacts or changes that could arise due to this change; investors should keep an eye out for forthcoming announcements from them regarding these matters so they can make better decision when it comes investing with MakerDao going forward .