2 Million Crypto Fraud Bust in China: Used GPUs Sold as New

• $2 million crypto graphics card counterfeit scheme busted in China
• Seven suspects have been arrested for selling used GPUs as new to miners
• Exploiting the global chip shortage, they tricked customers into paying more than usual for the counterfeit products

Crypto Graphics Card Counterfeit Scheme Busted

The police in Bincheng district of Binzhou City, China recently apprehended seven individuals for a $2 million crypto graphics card counterfeiting operation. The suspects purchased relatively new GPUs from miners in bulk, cleaned them, removed identifying marks, and repackaged them as brand-new models.

Chip Shortage Exploited

The group exploited the current global chip shortage and the resulting high demand for graphics cards which made it difficult for consumers to purchase new ones. With soaring cryptocurrency prices, miners need to upgrade their gear to stay competitive when connected to proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Monero. When successful at verifying transactions blocks on these networks, they receive rewards in native currencies that can later be sold for cash.

Fake Products

The counterfeiters produced and sold fake products posing as genuine models from well-known manufacturers. Many customers unknowingly paid more than usual due to the difficulty of finding authentic parts. In August Litecoin will halve its miner rewards to 6.25 LTC while Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will also reduce network rewards next year, impacting supply further and likely supporting fraudsters’ activities even more.

Stricter Regulations Needed

Since many miners depend on GPUs for their operations and profits they can easily become victims of scams if not careful. To prevent such activities from happening again stricter regulations should be put in place along with better consumer education regarding such activities so that people are aware of what is going on in this industry before investing or buying parts online or offline.


This case highlights an important issue within the crypto industry; counterfeiting activities are not uncommon due to low cost production methods and high demand that can easily be taken advantage of by criminals looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting people who just want good quality products at reasonable prices without having to worry about getting scammed or being cheated out of their hard earned money. It is therefore important that better consumer protection measures are taken seriously by all governments around the world so that these types of frauds can be stopped quickly before too much damage is done both financially and reputationally