Plenary Keynote Speakers


    • Bernard Belk, OFAG, Switzerland
      The Increased Production Volatility may require Better Insurance Mitigation Solutions in the Future
    • Jan Bengtsson, University of Agric. Sciences, Sweden
      Navigating Agricultural Transitions: The Role of Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and Human Management for Sustainable Farming Systems
    • Maria Finckh, University of Kassel, Germany
      Soil Health Management and Biodiversity: The Central Pillars of Agroecological Plant Health Management
    • Eric Justes, INRA Castanet-Tolosan, France
      Towards Agroecological Cropping Systems: the Role of Diversification in Time and Space for Supporting the Crop Production
    • Mariana C. Rufino, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
      Intensification and Climate Change Mitigation: What are the Incentives for Crop-Livestock Farmers?
    • Meagan Schipanski, Colorado State University, United States of America
      Leveraging Plant Diversity for Multifunctionality in Agroecosystems
    • Roberto Tuberosa, University of Bologna, Italy
      Plant Breeding for Improved Resource-Use Efficiency
    • Jacques Wery, ICARDA, Cairo, Egypt
      Farm-Centered Integrated Modelling for the Design of Sustainable Agricultural Systems
    • Philip White, James Hutton Institute, United Kingdom
      The Mineral Nutrition of Edible Crops