Field Trip 5 – Field crops in the Broye Valley

Field crops in the Broye Valley

Swiss agriculture provides about three fifths of the domestic food supply. Field crops are produced in the lowlands between the Alps and the Jura mountains. The Broye Valley and the surrounding hill-sites, situated south- east of the Lake of Neuchâtel, produce a significant share of wheat, maize, sugar-beet, potatoes and many other crops for the Swiss market. Since a long time, the farmers here are organized in cooperatives for the collection and commercialization of their harvests but also for the production of seeds and seed potatoes. This field trip will visit the maize and seed breeding company Delley Seeds and Plants (DSP) and the collection and processing center of ASS (Société coopérative des sélectionneurs) in Moudon. The visit of a farm will give an insight into the practice of crop production in Switzerland. The lunch is planned at the agricultural school in GrangeVerney/Moudon, a public institution for the education of the next generation of famers and practitioners.

Excursion price:

CHF 60.00 per person (VAT including), including:
– Visits
– Transportation
– Lunch