Field Trip 4 – Innovative Agriculture around Lake of Geneva

Innovative Agriculture around Lake of Geneva

Agroscope, as the Swiss research station, contributes to the innovation in agriculture. In its location next to Geneva Lake, it is specialized in viticulture and field crops.

The soybean breeding program targets the special needs of Switzerland for early cultivars and good protein quality for human consumption (tofu, soymilk and yogurts).

Potato production is also very important in Switzerland, and to secure seed potato quality, a service of inspection of potato was developed by Agroscope to test the presence of viruses. Potato conservation techniques is also one of the concerns of our team. In both inspection and conservation, the reduction of toxic chemicals has become a priority in food production. The specialists will give you an overview of the solutions they developed to answer this concern.

After a “buffet” at Agroscope, our bus will take you to Aubonne, where Chistian Streit will welcome you in his farm. After 30 years of no-tillage, he decided to convert his 65-ha farm to organic. During the visit, he will present the various challenges he has to face.

Excursion price:

CHF 60.00 per person (VAT including), including:
– Visits
– Transportation
– Lunch